It’s an exciting time!

It truly is an exciting time in the book publishing world. Authors have more avenues to publication then ever before. They can take complete control and self publish. They can hire a partner-publisher to help them. They might be able to land a dream contract with a “Big 5” house or they can contract with a small, independent press like Tasfil Publications, LLC.

Each avenue has the potential to “make it big” and achieve best-sellerdom. But each avenue, likewise, has the potential to lead to a dead end. There are no guarantees in this industry except for one: readers like a good book.

To that end, it is our goal to create good books. Of course we’d love to say our primary goal is to only publish New York Times bestsellers. But we haven’t found a crystal ball that was clear enough to show us exactly how to do that. So we’re “settling” for bringing you, the reader, the best books we can. We promise you we will be selective and stick to our mission: we will give you books that take you where you want to go.

So keep your eye on us. Not only is it an exciting time, it’s an adventurous one as well!