Tasfil Publishing is a company willing to take a chance. Willing to follow through on a dare. Willing to be different.

You see, we get bored easily. Then when we get bored, we find ways to entertain ourselves. And that’s how we came about. We began the company after realizing there was a need for freshness in the book world. It seemed to us that week after week for far too long, it appeared as if the same books were brought to market over and over again. Yes, the author names were different. Yes, the titles were different. But very few were different between the covers. So many of them seemed formulaic to us that we became that dreaded B-word: bored.

Surely there were authors out there who weren’t being heard. OK, yes, we know, you read an author’s work and not hear it, but you know what we mean.

Seriously, someone needed to find new voices, seek out new visions, and deliver us new stories. After another long while, we realized no one else was willing to take the challenge. It was going to have to be us.

So, we figured we’d role up our sleeves, build a competent team and dive into the publishing business hoping we’re right in our gamble that there are other readers “out there” who might be getting bored, too. And if you are one of them, tell us about it!

What kinds of books do you want to read? What kinds of things are you tired of finding between the covers? What kind of book will keep you up late at night?