Our Authors

Josie Anderson is a real person, she just doesn’t go by that name. And the name she does go by is one she wants to keep secret. The last thing she’d ever want her son’s kindergarten teacher to know about her is that she likes to write and read hot and sexy books. And God forbid her mother-in-law ever find out what she’s pounding out on her computer keyboard! Anyway, Josie (and the woman behind her) just wants to lighten up the world. She wants to make people laugh. Make people feel good. And make people want to laugh and feel good even more.

Joel Bresler was born and spent most of his life to date in and around Cleveland, Ohio.  After earning a degree from Skidmore College, he worked briefly in social services before entering a niche field of business consulting. His first published work, Letters to be Read in a Heavily British Accent, established him as a humor writer with a unique voice.  In the tradition of such heavyweights as P.G. Wodehouse, Evelyn Waugh, and Douglas Adams,  Bresler holds his own writing to a very high comedic standard.  Which is not to imply that he is above throwing in any moderately-interesting pun that might find its way from pen to paper.  Lately, he can be found deep in the desert Southwest, dodging snakes and cactus spines and ducking the “dry” heat.

Lisa Bien is a motivational speaker, TV host, and marketing guru. One of her strongest assets if her abbility to combine humor with raw honesty to connect with her audience whether she’s on the stage or on the page. Her 4-step Bounce Back Into You plan is the backbone of her motivational talks and workshops where she teaches the art of self-love and how to create one’s WOW factor.

Rob Jensen — Coming Soon!

Cheldin Barlett Rumer is the CEO at i-g creative and the host/executive producer at This is it TV. She has spent over a decade creating, managing, and executing strategic grass roots marketing campaigns for clients within an array of vaious lifestyle industries. As a seasoned marketing executive, Rumer is commited to communicating on behalf of her clients while aggressively motivating them to share their own enthusiasm for the products and services they represent and/or own. She’s not bringing those strategies to light in a forth-coming book.

Lisa Shiroff spent her formative years in small-town America, where she mastered the ability to amuse herself and others with tales about people we all wished lived next door (and some who really did). Now she’s bringing those storeis to light in novels with funny characters experiencing sometimes inane circumstances and always finding happy endings (yes, she’s a sucker for them).