As our motto says: we like books that take us where we want to go.

In our non-fiction books, we focus on works that take you to a higher place spiritually or to a healthier place emotionally and physically. But we want to do more than just give hope and motivate. We want to inspire our readers to take action and to give them tools to succeed as they travel down their paths to wherever it is they want to go.

In our fiction books, we’re providing you fun escapes either to an alternate world or to a familiar place, maybe even to one that’s close to home that you’ll learn to see with new eyes. We’ll introduce you to characters who are funny, intriguing, and even enlightening. Our hope is that our fiction books leave you happy and satisfied with the emotional journey you took between the covers.

We’re new and fresh as of September 2014. We hope that as we grow and develop, as we take on more authors and exciting projects, that you’ll follow along with us, always heading to another bright and shiny new horizon.

So if you have a book that takes readers on a journey–whether it’s to an alternate reality or to an internal place where they’ll discover a different perspective of their own world, tell us about it. Send an email to:

In a short message, explain what makes your story special and include the opening thirty or so pages of your manuscript. If we’re interested, we’ll ask to read the rest of the work. It’s that simple.

And just so you know, we’re a “normal” publishing house. We do NOT charge fees for reading. In fact, we do NOT charge you for any of the costs related to publishing your work. In other words, YOU do not pay US for the privilege of bringing your book to the market.

Now then, where can you take us today?

Thank you! (And thank you for tolerating our overuse of the journeying metaphor).